Tristan's mum,

“We would like to thank you for providing a stimulating learning environment for him, helping him to gain social skills and altogether giving him a great start with his early education. Thank you.” 

Jody's mum,

“Thank you for making her time with you in Class 2 so much fun! She’s loved coming and will miss you!”

Max's mum,

“Thank you for teaching Max this year. He loved making the rockets and stars and having socks home!”

Anna's mum,

“Thank you both very much for all the mornings Anna spent with you in Class 3-5. She had a great time and it was so good meeting all the other children. It’s time for us to go back home now to Glasgow but will pop in to say hello if we are back in the area. Thanks again.”

Jasmine's mum on behalf of her daughter,

“Thank you for taking care of me and teaching me, I have learned a lot and had a great time.”

Kyle's mum on behalf of her son,

“Thank you for all your help and support. You have been a great teacher and I will miss you.”



In recent parent questionnaires we asked,

"What are the best things about Pre School Nursery?"

Mikey's mum said,

“Knowing he is safe whilst outwith my care.”

Harry's mum said,

“Knowing that he is having fun while learning in a safe environment.”

Max's mum said,

“He loves to go- has a sense of ‘belonging’.” 

Ethan's mum said,

“The variety of activities, social interaction with different children. The structure of the class and routines learnt.”

Jai's mum said,

“Attitudes of teaching staff and the positive feedback Jai gives me about his day.”

Hamish's mum said,

“Safe, fun, stimulating pre school environment that helps me prepare my child for school.”

Laurianne's mum said,

“Child’s positive social & learning experiences away from home – results in more confident & wider range of experience.”

Elise's mum said,

“For me it is the opportunity to develop social skills.”

Tilly's mum said,

“Knowing the children are in a safe friendly and confidence boosting environment.”

Oscar's mum said,

“Pre School is well structured and there is always something new they are learning.”

Chloe's mum said,

“Chloe loves her teachers and it gives Chloe the chance to socialize with other children her age.”

Tatsukichi's dad said,

“Meet other kids and learn new things, which he doesn’t at home.”

Katie's mum said,

“That my child enjoys pre school and very obvious that my child is learning lots of new things and experiences.”

Harry's mum said,

“Child gets to learn + have fun at the same time. My child has become more confident.”