Class 3 - 5 (3 - 5yr olds)

Opportunities at every turn

Children playingThis is a rapid phase of development. Children grow in confidence by the day, and become more skilled in so many different areas. Their gross and fine motor skills are developing rapidly. Their use of language flourishes and they are eager ask questions and find answers to everything. At this age children learn from all the different experiences they are exposed to and that we share with them. 

In class 3-5 there are opportunities to learn at every turn, including practicing phonological skills (which will lead onto early reading) and numeracy skills (which will lead onto more complex maths skills), mark-making (which will lead onto writing), imaginative role play and computer skills. While also learning skills for life such as becoming independent and socially confident. We work with children’s ideas, which in turn create fabulous long-term projects. These projects can last a few weeks or sometimes many months and we document them to demonstrate how children are learning in floor books, discussions and observations (which can be view in their individual computerized Learning Journals. 

Compared to Class 2 a little more structure is introduced into the day, along with other activities such as P.E. a visit to the school library, baking, arts and crafts, outdoor learning through play in the wild garden and wheeled toys on a Friday which is lots of fun. We like to go out for walks and visit the local amenities as well watch the seasons change in the woods and park. We join the school for assemblies and participate in some of their whole school projects. We are perfectly located to take advantage of so many opportunities.

The children’s days are a mixture of child led, where they take the lead and are free to choose what they want to do and how they want to do their activities and teacher led, where the staff structure learning during circle time and one to one activities.

This includes specific learning in early numeracy, phonological awareness and health and wellbeing, so that they are prepared and confident in these important skills before they start primary school.
A healthy snack is provided during every session. Snack times are fun and sociable and the children help to serve each other and are encouraged to learn good table manners.