Class 2 (2yr olds)

Gentle encouragement and support

Children playingIn Class 2 your child will be encouraged to make choices that will enable them to develop their own personality in a safe secure and welcoming environment. The equipment and toys provided for 2 year olds, challenge and encourage them to develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually. The children have access to construction and sensory toys and activities, music and singing as well as movement games, stories, arts & crafts, baking and free play. Class 2 children play outside every day, weather permitting and if the weather isn’t favourable enjoy using the school’s green room. (A soft play room with large ball pit).

Staff help children to learn basic social skills, which are developed naturally within the nursery environment through sharing and participating in group activities, taking turns, learning manners and considering others. Staff will liaise with parents regarding toilet training.

A healthy snack is provided during every session. Snack times are fun and sociable and the children are encouraged to learn good table manners. Class 2 is an exciting first step which focuses on purposeful play and socializing that sets the foundation for a life long love of learning. By the time the children are of school age they are already familiar with the school buildings, staff and daily routines.